Detectives investigate deputy-involved shooting

Aldo Alvarez, 36, approached off-duty deputy at home

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PALM BEACH, Fla. - As a Palm Beach County deputy was arriving at his home Wednesday in his patrol vehicle, an unknown man approached the deputy and entered into conversation.

The unknown man, now identified by detectives as 36-year-old Aldo Alvarez, asked the deputy, who was returning home from the gym in gym shorts, if he was a deputy.

The deputy told Alvarez that he was, and Alvarez began advancing toward the deputy in an aggressive manner. The off duty deputy attempted to retreat into his garage and toward his door while giving Alvarez commands to get off his property. Alvarez continued advancing toward the deputy.

The deputy pulled his off duty weapon from his gym bag while continuing to demand Alvarez leave his property. Alvarez continued advancing toward the deputy, backing him into a corner.

At that time, the deputy felt in fear for his life and discharged his weapon, striking Alvarez numerous times.

Alvarez attempted to run away and collapsed at the foot of the driveway. 

The off-duty deputy took his t-shirt off and attempted to render aide while calling 911 for police and paramedic assistance.

Alvarez was transported to St. Mary's Medical Center where he is listed in critical condition.

The off-duty deputy has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard department protocol.

Alvarez will be charged with burglary and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

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