Inspectors order restaurants shut

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MIAMI - The restaurants below were ordered shut last week by Inspectors with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation because of potentially dangerous violations.


A Thai

6419 Stirling Road


Inspection Date 2/20/12



"Critical. Observed buildup of slime in the interior of red ice chest. Repeat Violation."

"Critical. Observed bare hand contact of ready-to-eat food by employees and establishment has no approved Alternative Operating Procedure in effect. COOK TOUCHED COOKED BEEF, THEN HANDLED RAW FISH WITHOUT WASHING HANDS AND NO USE OF GLOVES. Repeat Violation."

"Observed single-service articles stored without protection from contamination. Repeat Violation."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 7 live roaches found AT KITCHEN NEXT TO WOKS STOVE."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 3 live roaches found NEXT TO HANDWASH SINKS IN THE KITCHEN."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 7 EGGS found IN THE WHITE REACHIN COOLER GASKET IN THE REAR OF THE KITCHEN."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 7live roaches found ON THE WALL UNDER WALL MAIL BOX. MAIL BOX IS BY THE RICE COOKER."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by4 live roaches found BY THE MOPSINK."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 4 live roaches found HOTWATER TANK."

"Observed grease accumulated under cooking equipment. Repeat Violation."

Los Perros

6995 Collins Ave.


Inspection Date-2/20/12

7 Critical Violations

2 Non –Critical Violations


"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by live roaches found in storage room . next to kitchen prep area . 16 live roaches seeing on the floor, storage room where freezer is located. 8 live roaches seeing on the wall that divides the kitchen prep room and the storage room . 10 live roaches seeing harboring in can opener . 12 live roaches behind reach in freezer in storage room ."

Don & Vinny's

419 East Sheridan Street

Dania Beach

Inspection Date 2/21/12

13 Critical Violations

10 Non Critical Violations


"Observed ice scoop with handle in contact with ice. server station ice bin."

"Critical. Observed employee handling soiled equipment or utensils then engage in food preparation, handle clean equipment or utensils, or touch unwrapped single-service items, without washing hands. Corrected On Site."

"Critical. Observed dead roaches on premises. 2 in ice cream freezer chest, 1 on food pre counter in pizza station /kitchen, 16 under several reach-in coolers throughout kitchen."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by live roaches found. 6 live roaches inside of kitchen's pizza station reach-in cooler, 23 live roaches under pizza oven near/coming out of hole on wall, 6 live roaches under pizza station reach-in cooler, 5 live roaches under cookline reach-in cooler, 4 live roaches under cookline stove/oven, 7 on cookline wall, 4 on shelves in kitchen's storage area, 4 by mopsink, 2 in server station on shelves, 3 next to server station ice machine2 on top of cookline cutting board."


Min Yuan Yuk

3006 N.W. 2nd Ave


Inspection Date 2/22/12

13 Critical Violations

4 Non-Critical Violations


"Critical. Observed rodent activity as evidenced by 45+ fresh rodent droppings found in the kitchen on floors and food shelves."

"Critical. Observed interior of microwave soiled."

"Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 55+ live roaches found in the kitchen on walls, shelves, underneath food prep tables. also found inside bags and boxes in several locations throughout the kitchen."

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