Miami International Mall restaurant ordered shut for second time

Roach issue found at China Max in mall's food court

By Jeff Weinsier - Investigative Reporter

DORAL, Fla. - State records show China Max in the Miami International Mall food court was ordered shut last week because of a roach issue.

In August 2012, the same place was ordered shut after more than 40 live roaches were found on a table and at the soda station.

Last week's violations were found during a routine, unannounced inspection.

Andy's Sports Bar in Dania Beach was also ordered shut because wastewater was back up through the drains in the kitchen. 

Below is a list of places and some of their violations.

All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup followed by a re-inspection.

***China Max

Miami International Mall

1455 NW 107th Ave.


Ordered shut Oct. 2

14 violations found

Also ordered shut Aug. 21, 2012 (roach issue)

"Roach activity present as evidenced by 11 live roaches found in kitchen area. Observed approximately 6 live roaches in shelf crevices in kitchen area and approximately 5 live roaches in gaskets of reach in coolers."

"Roach excrement and/or droppings present. Observed around emergency light and crevices in shelves. (Kitchen area)."

"Dead roaches on premises. Observed 3 dead roaches inside reach in cooler and 3 dead roaches around reach in coolers."

"Employee began working with food, handling clean equipment or utensils, or touching unwrapped single-service items without first washing hands. Observed employee coming from the outside then started to work with food without washing hands."

"Ice scoop handle in contact with ice."

***Andy's Sports Bar

2129 Stirling Road

Dania Beach

Ordered shut Oct. 2

9 violations found

"Sewage/wastewater backing up through floor drain. In kitchen."

"Toilet/urinal not flushing/functioning properly. Toilets not working."

"No proof of required state approved employee training provided for any employees."




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