Popular Chinese restaurant found with dozens of violations

Violations include live roaches, food kept at unsafe temperature

By Jeff Weinsier - Investigative Reporter

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Tropical Chinese has been a South Florida institution for over 30 years, and recently, inside the kitchen, a state inspector found 62 violations.

The place was ordered to be shut down for two days as a result.

Tropical Chinese is located across from Tropical Park at 7991 Bird Road.

Inspectors said they found live roaches in a box storing teacups at the restaurant, among other violations.

A stop sale was ordered for the shrimp wonton, lobster, pork, beef, duck and eggs because they were being held at an unsafe temperature.

The inspector spotted an employee touching a body part  and then handling food.

There was an  accumulation of debris in the kitchen, a buildup of soil and encrusted food debris, along with grease on kitchen equipment.

Managers at the restaurant allowed Local 10 News inside the kitchen and said it was clean.

"He can write whatever he wants. I can't say nothing about it," the manager said about the inspection.

"So you are saying it's not true? " Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier asked.

"Well, some of it,, yes," the manager said.

Over on Fourth Street and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, 11 violations were recently found in the kitchen at the Sense Beach House.

In the kitchen of the 18-room boutique hotel, the inspector noted fresh rodent droppings found on top of a dish machine.

The place was issued a violation because the kitchen door was opened -- the hotel's garbage is right next to that opened kitchen and it's a repeat violation.

A Burger King on State Road 441, just north of Miami Gardens Drive, is undergoing renovations but is still open to patrons.  

A state inspector showed up based on a complaint and ordered the door shut for "unsanitary conditions."

The inspector noted rodent droppings near the kitchen and lettuce, tomatoes, cheeses and dressing that were uncovered and exposed to construction dust.

Construction dust was also found on top of kitchen equipment, which was not adequately protected from construction contamination and construction workers active in the main kitchen during operation.

All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.