Dog rescued, treated for 'intentional' burns

Animal suffers 2nd-, 3rd-degree burns

MIAMI - A dog named Courage is being treated for second- and third-degree burns after being taken from his owner's house last week.

Courage, a nearly 1-year-old Shar-Pei and boxer mix, was rescued from his owner's North Miami home last Tuesday and taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services, where caregivers have been treating him for burns.

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"This is horrible because it's intentional," said Kathy Labrada, of the Miami-Dade animal shelter. "The dog is clearly a fighter. These are extremely painful wounds that he's suffering from."

"We don't know exactly what happened," said Dr. Maria Serrano, the chief veterinarian at the shelter. "We are assuming it is a chemical burn."

Serrano said the dog has been put on antibiotics and pain medication.

But, Courage's road to recovery is uncertain.

"I think his prognosis is good at this point," Serrano said. "Once he's vetted and taken care of, he needs some socialization."

"He's a little standoffish with people, but I would be, too," Labrada said.

Yet, with all of his issues, there is hope for Courage.

"He's going to be going to a vet for probably as long as it takes to get him healed," said rescuer Sarah Leddick.

Leddick, a foster pet parent, arrived late Tuesday afternoon to help Courage find a loving home.

"I think he's got the will to live, and I think probably once all of this gets healed, he's going to find a good home and going to have a happy future ahead of him," Leddick said.

"I think Courage is the perfectly fitting name for the dog. He's been through so much," Labrada said.

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