'Dr. Laz and The Cure' spreads peace with music

Showtime movie made based on his book

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - The band Dr. Laz and The Cure is on a mission to teaching peace, love, and respect.

"I look upon our job as musicians is really being social activists and sort of lighting everyone's lamp who's out there," said David Lazerson.  

Lazerson, also known as Dr. Laz, is an Orthodox Jew who raps.

"It's a stereotype breaker. Maybe at first they're just kind of dumbfounded but then I think they start digging it," said Lazerson.  

Lazerson formed the group in the 1990's after the race riots in Brooklyn, New York. 

A fatal car crash involving a child led to three nights of terror in the community when racial tension exploded between Orthodox Jews and African Americans. Three people were killed in the violence.

Lazerson decided to take action.

"I felt that if we could play music together then that's a huge visual statement to all the people that said, 'Oh, these guys are enemies. These guys can't get along,'" said Lazerson. 

His effort was so successful that Showtime made a movie featuring Howie Mandel as Dr. Laz.

Now, 20 years later, Dr. Laz and The Cure continue their mission of peace while performing in South Florida. 

Saxophonist Curt Windom said music is a universal language.

"My culture is a little bit different There are big differences. How I deal with that? Anytime you can learn something. I think that's a step in the right direction" said Windom.

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