Ducks targeted at Cooper City community

Trespassers steal ducks in Cooper City

COOPER CITY, Fla. - Dozens of ducks have been taken from the Rock Creek neighborhood in Cooper City.

Flyers posted around the area say the ducknappers struck sometime last weekend, scooping up a truck full of Muscovy ducks before taking off.

It's unclear exactly how they managed to get so close to the lake dwellers, but it is clear that the duck population in the Rock Creek neighborhood has taken a dive.

Residents are outraged.

"On any given day you would see three or four dozens ducks in any of these canals," said Caroline Kiracofe, a Rock Creek resident.

Kiracofe is also worried about where they are now. "Given my work with rescue and rehab of some of these animals in the past, i have some experience that they do take them to illegal meat markets."

Muscovy ducks are not a protected species, but depending on how they were captured and how they were transported, the people responsible could be charged with animal abuse.

"Nobody has the right to come and take the ducks," said Kathy Mulhall, a Rock Creek resident. "All these years, nobody bothers Rock Creek and now crime is happening and ducks are missing; that's abuse to the ducks."

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