Early voters have cars towed in Tamarac

Voters parked at Casa Linda Plaza across from Tamarac Branch Library have cars towed

TAMARAC, Fla. - Some voters casting their ballots early in Tamarac left the polls to find their cars being towed.

Luvenia Allen's red Cadillac wasn't parked for more than 10 minutes when a tow truck carried it away. The same thing happened to Christine Bregentzer's car.

"Somebody took my car. The Toyota Corolla -- somebody took it. It was parked right here," said Bregentzer.

The scene repeated itself over and over again outside the Casa Linda Plaza across the street from the Tamarac Branch Library on Tuesday.


"You cannot go vote and this happens. It's not fair," said Heather Smith.

"This does not feel good. You come out, vote early and here you have to worry about your car," said Trudy Kay Edmond.

"I got to pick up my grandchild. It's not even my car," said one voter. "There's no sign out here saying if you park you're going to get -- well, I didn't see that."


One of the plaza's tenants voluntarily put up a larger sign to warn drivers until they were told to take it down by management.

"The problem is they don't park for just a little bit," said a business owner. "They jam the parking lot and then the tenants don't have any parking for their customers."

With the lines for early voting swelling into the hundreds, parking in and around the precinct is at a minimum.

Some voters volunteered to prevent others from having their cars towed.

"They'll tow your car. You need to pull out of here," Tracie Belling told one driver.

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"I'm not wasting my time. I feel like it's a duty that needs to be done. I feel it's voter suppression," said Belling.

"They just put me in a big mess. I have to walk and go get my daughter," said Edmond.

It cost voters $124 to get their cars back. If they waited until Wednesday, it cost $174.

So far, 82,548 voters have casted their ballots early in Broward County and 77,884 voted early in Miami-Dade County.

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