Marlins crush fans' spirits ... again

Miami Marlins trade 5 All Stars for no-named players

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MIAMI - The Miami Marlins did it again.  They found a new way of crushing the spirits of the shrinking number of their fans. 

As you probably heard, after finishing in last place with their worst record in 13 seasons, the Marlins traded five of their best players for five no-named players who are simply not as good.  Two of the five players the Marlins traded were All Stars. 

Why would the Marlins make this trade?  It is simple; it saves them $160 million in salaries. 

So, think about what the Marlins have done.  

First they convince local politicians to spend about $400 million of your tax dollars to build a new stadium for them.  And the math is all in their favor.  Taxpayers pay 80 percent of the cost and the Marlins pay 20 percent. 

The Marlins' owners then take your tax money with a smile, while promising to recruit the players to build a winning franchise.  They then get the fans excited when they sign a lot of big name players, but then have a disastrous season.  Along the way, their manager makes some bonehead comments about Fidel Castro that alienate just about everyone in town.

I always wondered why the Marlins' new stadium was built where there was so little parking.  With the way they are treating their fans, I just figured out they may have too many parking spaces.   

That is my take on things. Let me know what you think.