WPLG Editorial: Commissioners' behavior is unbecoming (5/13/2012)

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - The Miami Beach Commission again devolved into a political circus this week as it debated the fate of the city manager.

Local 10 believes Jorge Gonzalez did the right thing by resigning. But, commissioners cannot escape their own roles in the city's recent problems, from the corruption arrests of code inspectors and firefighters to police officers gone AWOL and joyriding.

Their sniping and personal attacks during commission debate is unbecoming public officials.

Manager Gonzalez has much to be proud of in his 12-year tenure, but as the boss, he had to fall on the sword.

And commissioners? At the very least, they were clueless to the problems. At worst, they contributed to them.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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