WPLG Editorial: Fla. Panthers' Pres. rantings

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With our hockey team in the midst of a championship playoff run, you would think the president of the Florida Panthers would be plenty busy ... too busy to spend time launching insults at people he doesn't know, especially on Twitter for the world to see.

But that is where we find Michael Yormark, sending Twitter messages that in ways make him seem like a frat-boy bully.

He blames fans of the opposing team for throwing plastic rats on the ice. He tells people objecting to his accusation to "get off Twitter" and to "get a life."

Sounds like Yormark should get a life, or at least a clue.

The Panthers are scoring big with South Florida in a lot of ways this week. Their leader should but his Twitter verse rantings on ice, for their sake.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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