WPLG Editorial: Gov. wastes time, money signing new law (5/5/2012)

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MIAMI - Gov. Rick Scott wasted time and possibly a lot of money signing a law that he knew may be unenforceable.

He said so himself in a letter to the secretary of state released minutes after he signed it.

The new law prohibits state money and contracts from going to companies that also do business in Cuba and Syria.

Scott got a standing ovation from Cuban exile leaders who had pressed him to sign and support from an important South Florida voting block.

That is, until they found out about his letter that without federal action, this state law can't operate.

The law is set to take effect July 1. There is little doubt it will face legal challenge, and lots of taxpayer money will be spent on defending it.

While we support the concept of the law, we question the governor's judgment in allowing politics to trump good judgment.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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