WPLG Editorial: Guillen shows bad judgment (4/14/2012)

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MIAMI - I remember when I moved into my first manager's job, my boss told me there's one thing he expected of me: good judgment.

It seems Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen did not get that speech.

We all know the bad judgment he exercised making a comment about loving Fidel Castro for his resilience to stay in office so long. But that is not the only example where Ozzie struck out with his comments.

Two days before his Fidel comments, he told the press he likes to get drunk after each game. He said sitting in a bar keeps him out of trouble when he is out of town. He added, "I go to sleep so drunk that I have to recover in time to go to the park."

A few years back, it was comments about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that got him into trouble, saying, "Not too many people like the president. I do."

Just as he is now doing with his comments on Fidel, Ozzie later backpedaled and has since been critical of the dictator.

A lot of people want Ozzie fired. The Marlins' management will have to make that decision. But one thing for sure is the Marlins' manager needs to limit his comments to what happens on a baseball field and start showing good judgment.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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