WPLG Editorial: Zimmerman's attorneys grandstanding (4/15/2012)

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MIAMI - The tumultuous turn of events this week in the Trayvon Martin case included two attorneys quitting on gunman George Zimmerman, but the way they did it was nothing short of grandstanding and exploitation.

The two lawyers called in the cameras with what they called a big announcement, and the press came from around the country, ready to further the story so important to so many people about the death of an unarmed teen and the man who shot him claiming self-defense.

Instead, these two guys made it all about themselves. They knew nothing. They said they never even met the client they claimed to represent. But, they did get a lot of face time.

We'll certainly think twice about responding to their next call for the cameras.

That's our take on things. Let us know what you think.

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