Trump, Clinton supporters gather in Las Vegas on eve of final debate

Debate will be held at University of Nevada

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter

LAS VEGAS - Donald Trump supporters gathered outside his gilded Las Vegas hotel Tuesday on the eve of the final presidential debate.

Some spent the night there too.

"We believe the country is at a crossroad," Cliff Li, of the National Committee of Asian American Republicans, said.

Yards away, Hillary Clinton supporters with blow-up -- um, cats -- staged at the Erotic Heritage Museum.   

Cassie Charles, a Clinton supporter, said she supports her candidate's policies because she believes they support families.

With the security sweep at the University of Nevada campus in its final stages, shipping containers were set around the perimeter as  the political world braced for a no holds-barred debate on Wednesday.

As was the case with the second debate, an October surprise-style headlines will likely provide plenty of ammunition.

Newly released notes from FBI interviews about Clinton's private server raise questions about whether a colleague of hers tried to trade favors with the FBI.

Trump is also on the defense against his treatment of women, on the offense against his own party's leaders and now launching allegations that the election will be rigged.

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