Elementary school custodian accused of exposing himself to child

Mark Lynn, 55, works at Country Hills Elementary School

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - An elementary school custodian who spent the weekend in jail after neighbors accused him of exposing himself to a child has been relocated within the district, away from children, pending an administrative review, according Broward County Public Schools.

The suspect, 55-year-old Mark Lynn is not allowed back at the school.

"I was helping my dad with the groceries," said the 12-year-old victim who did not want to be identified.

After the family's cat ran out of their house, the girl went after her pet, and noticed something wasn't right across the street of her Coral Springs home.

"It was all dark outside and then I saw this light, and I looked at it and there was a naked man there," the girl told Local 10's Sasha Andrade.

She ran inside the house and alerted her parents.

"We got up, ran outside, and sure enough there was a man staring at our townhouse across the way, completely naked," said the child's mom who also did not want to be identified.

She immediately called police and Lynn was arrested.

Lynn works for the Broward County Schools system at Country Hills Elementary. It also isn't the first time he's been accused of exposing himself to a minor according to his neighbors.

Monique Williamson, 16, said she called police last year when she saw a fully naked Lynn feet from her window.

"My curtains are see-through. He was fully naked, I ran upstairs," Williamson said.

Both girls said they were terrified.

"I was like really scared, I was in my room balled up. It was really bad," said the 12-year-old victim.

Their parents want to know why Lynn is still allowed to live in a neighborhood full of children, and work for the public school system.

Lynn, who has been with the district since 1996, began working at Country Hills in 1997. He's the head of the custodial facility at the school.

The school district says it was only made aware of the two previous incidents involving Lynn exposing himself to children following this weekend's arrest. Lynn has a clean employment record.

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