Employee couldn't use store bathroom for months

Dollar General since fixed restrooms

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. - It took more than a month before an employee at a Dollar General store in Hallandale Beach could use the bathroom at work.

"All I wanna do at work is go to work, do my job, and if I have to use to the bathroom, God, let there be one there," said Jane Candall. "They want to fire me, that's on them, but they can't fire me for telling the truth."

Candall works at the Dollar General at 1620 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard. When Local 10 visited the store, the women's bathroom didn't have a working toilet and the sink was removed from the wall.

Candall said she was told not to use the toilet in the men's room, which had plumbing fixtures all over the floor, because of a leak in the wall. She said the bathrooms were that way for more than a month and a half.

"Heaven forbid you have a cup of coffee and have to use the bathroom. There is no bathroom to use," Candall said. "The district manager was in there last week and he thought it was funny that the bathrooms aren't working."

Candell said management told her to go use the restroom at a nearby Publix, but she said if she left the store to use that restroom, there would only be one employee left working, which is against company policy.

"We could lose our jobs for job abandonment. We cannot one person there by themselves," Candell said.

When asked how long the bathrooms had been in their current condition, a store manager said she had only been there one week and that the bathrooms were being renovated.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), businesses must have a toilet that works.

A company spokesman later issued a statement to Local 10, saying, "Dollar General took action to address the problem. The store has a functioning restroom."

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