Epic fails! Miami family victimized by two Amazon delivery fails in one day

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer, Christian De La Rosa - Reporter

MIAMI - A Miami family is wondering what they have to do to get their Amazon packages delivered in one piece.

Gabriel Finer shared video with Local 10 showing two different Amazon delivery crews throwing packages over the fence and into his front yard on Tuesday.

And yes, the fence gate was unlocked.

Finer said he's never had a problem with UPS deliveries, which are set down on his front porch. But when it comes to Amazon, their third-party delivery personnel treat his packages like playground bouncy balls.

In the past, Finer said he's seen Amazon crews throw a box containing a laptop like a frisbee over his fence at his Little Havana-ara home. He says 5-6 recent Amazon packages have been treated in this manner.

"I don’t like my stuff being thrown if I'm paying for it," Finer said.

Finer added there are no animals in his yard and no "beware" signs warning delivery people of possible dangers. The U.S. Postal Office delivery person brings the mail to his front door every day with no problem.

The family has filed a complaint with Amazon after today's incidents were caught on video. The company said they are looking into the matter.

"We have high standards for our delivery service partners and expect every package to be handled with care. We’ve addressed this with our delivery service partner and have reached out to the customer to make things right," the company said in a statement.

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