Exercises to do at home

Looking to save some money and forgo a gym membership? Here are some tips to make your at-home workouts successful.

Pick a location. Designate and declutter a place in your home that you will do your workouts.

Find the right shoe. It is okay to splurge on workout shoes, as that is the base of support for your whole body. You want to make sure you are safe when working out. There are plenty of options here, however, in a wide price range.

Purchase the equipment necessities. You don't need a lot of workout gear or equipment, some of the basics can include an exercise mat, stability ball, resistance bands, and a few dumbbells.

Add some comforts. Maybe you have a tv show you'd like to have on in the background, or a new playlist will definitely add energy. Have these ready to go for your workouts!

Use the internet. Looking for a private instructor? Go online for several fitness class options. You can find anything from yoga and dance, to strength and conditioning.

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