Extra security doesn't put damper on Miami Heat win

Security afterthought for fans who celebrate team's win over Bucks

By Carlos Suarez - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI - An increase in security did not keep fans from enjoying the Miami Heat's win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday.

Fans showed up a few hours early to go through the extra security. They had to show their tickets for the game before walking up the steps of the American Airlines Arena.

"Seeing the security getting beefed up making sure we're safe makes us feel real good. We get to enjoy the game without any worries," said one fan.

A concrete barrier was put outside the arena following the terror attack in Boston last week. Trash cans outside the arena are now clear, making it easier for police to check.

Security was an afterthought for fans who celebrated the team's big win over the Bucks in Game 1.

"We got the best team in the league," said Arnold Gaines. "They're on a mission."

Police say fans can expect tighter security as the Heat advance in the playoffs.

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