Family saves beached dolphin

11-year-old captures rescue on camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - While out for spin on their boat, a Jacksonville family spotted a stranded dolphin and jumped in to save the animal.

Father and daughter George Heheman and Kerry Ware said they were on their boat in the Intracoastal near Fort George Island when they saw the dolphin who accidentally beached herself on a sandbar.

"It was just flapping and it looked really helpless so we stopped the boat to see what was going on," Ware said.

They said her calf was waiting in deeper water nearby and the tide was going out quickly, making the water shallower by the minute.

"It was only about four inches of water left on the sandbar," Heheman said. "When we got over there I knew we had to get that dolphin off the sandbar or we'd have never moved her. She would have never moved."

They said the dolphin wasn't light and think she probably weighed about 300 pounds.

The whole ordeal was captured on camera by Kerry's son and George's grandson, 11-year-old Justin Ware.

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