Father speaks out about daughter's death

Tiffany Cabreja's body found Saturday in construction site

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter

MIAMI - The father of a woman whose body was identified Sunday is mourning his loss and is hoping police can help catch who committed this murder.

Tiffany Cabreja's body was found Saturday morning at the construction site in the 28200 block of Southwest 144th Avenue. At that time, police did not know who she was.

According to investigators, witnesses saw a commercial truck traveling east bound on Southwest 288th Street. As the truck made a left turn at Southwest 144th Avenue, witnesses told police what appeared to be a body fell out from the passenger side of the truck.

It's a heartbreak that cuts deep for Cabreja's father, Domingo Cabreja, who raised her all by himself since she was 5-years-old.

Domingo says just last month Tiffany celebrated her 18th birthday.

"I'm the father and mother for 13 years," Domingo said. "Her mother wanted to be alone, she wanted to be alone, she leave the house which is why they give me the custody. (I) buy things with her, go to the hospital with her, everything. They (Miami Dade police) say they kill her someplace and they drop her there," Domingo said.

And while police search for Tiffany's killer, detectives have a strong and disturbing lead. Just down the road witnesses told investigators they saw a body tumble out of the passenger side of a commercial truck. The male driver stopped, placed the body back inside and took off. Tiffany's body was found nearby.

The detail that has amped up the search for the driver was a chilling observation witnesses shared with police. There was a 2- to 3-year-old child inside of the vehicle.

It's a clue that leads Domingo to believe he knows the man who may have killed her daughter -- an old friend of Tiffany's.

"Because he tell me he was working construction, he had a job and this and that and I know he have a 3-year-old daughter, which is why I imagine its him," Domingo said.

"About three months ago they don't talk and then he found her phone number and he called her last Tuesday," Domingo said.

Domingo's not sure who Tiffany left to meet Friday night. She just turned 18 and it was the sort of new independence Domingo had granted her. Now he's hoping detectives connect the dots to solve his daughter's murder.

"She was attached to me, always with me, I miss her," Domingo said.

The cause of Cabreja's death is still unknown.

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