FBI: Bank robber had criminal past

FBI: Man robbed 2 banks 6 times in Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Investigators said the chaos on I-95 and the fear in the hearts of bank tellers at a Chase Bank in Pompano Beach was the doing of one man: a serial bank robber with a criminal past.

Michael J. Webb, 56, was known to wield a gun and jump over bank counters across South Florida, authorities said.

"He always went in, over the counter, behind the counter, went by each teller, got money out of each drawer and left," said FBI Special Agent David Beall. "So, he's always been very close to the bank employees and customers with the weapon."

According to investigators, the first time Webb robbed the Pompano Beach Chase was in May. They say he struck again in June.

Police said Webb went on to rob a Bank Atlantic on Military Trail in Deerfield Beach twice in August, and again in September.

He managed to elude law enforcement for months.

But before Webb tried to rob the Chase bank once again on Friday, management had already taken preventative action and installed bulletproof glass in front of the tellers so he couldn't jump the counter like the times before.

It worked; he left.

A bank employee and a witness were able to write down the license number on his blue Dodge Ram and called 911. Police would catch up with Webb after a chase across Atlantic Boulevard and up I-95. Two Broward Sheriff's deputies fired on him and killed him.

Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti said the man had a criminal history dating back to 1977. The FBI said Webb had a history of crime in other states.

"He's been convicted in other states and served time in other states. He was also arrested here in 1990," Beall said.

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