FDOT plans to restripe restriping A1A

Parts of roadway washed away over holiday weekend

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The Florida Department of Transportation began restriping some lanes of A1A along Fort Lauderdale Beach Tuesday after parts of the roadway washed away over Thanksgiving weekend.

A1A from NE 14th Court to NE 17th Court is down to one lane in each direction. The roadway in that stretch will be shut down when FDOT begins restriping the lanes.

"We are also moving in plastic barrier walls to keep vehicles and pedestrians from getting too far on the east side," said Barbara Kelleher with FDOT.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor John "Jack" Seiler expects repairs to cost in the tens of millions of dollars. Some have blamed climate change on the beach erosion.

"We walk every morning here and this is just unbelievable," said Judy White. "It's a beautiful place to walk and now it's gone."

"Where's the beach?" asked Roy Zimmerman.

Many simply want their beach back.

"Why don't they get the sand from the south and bring it back here where it came from?" said one man. "Go back and get the sand where it's gone and put it right back here. It's only a mile down the beach."

But the next step hasn't been decided yet.

"It all depends on what the final plan is for restoration of the beaches," said Kelleher.

A1A may never be the same four lane roadway again, added Kelleher.

"We are looking at various alternatives of what we could do with A1A in this particular area. Whether we make it two lanes or three lanes," said Kelleher. "Maybe some more parking on the east side or wider walkway on the east side."

More concrete barriers will be placed placed along the beach in preparation of high tide during the full moon on Wednesday evening.

"I knew it was coming but this might have to do with global warming, too," said Zimmerman.

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