Fighting For You: Neighbor taken to court in Coconut Creek dog attack

Judge rules neighbor must pay $1,300 in vet bills

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - Eight months after a Coconut Creek woman's dog was attacked by a neighbor's German Shepherd who wasn't on a leash, she said her veterinary bills are finally being paid.

"The judge ruled in our favor and we were ecstatic," Davone Gable told Local 10's Jen Herrera.

You wouldn't know it by looking at her today, but Gable almost lost her beloved Minnie.

"I thought she was dead," said Gable.

Eight months ago, the Maltese Bijon mix was attacked by a neighbor's German Sheppard.

The day of the attack, Gable's son was invited to a friend's home down a private road. He took Minnie with him and she was on a leash, but the neighbor's dog was not, said Gable.

"The owner of the German Shepherd is civilly liable for violating the county ordinance the leash law for not having the dog properly restrained on the property," said Attorney David Lipcon.

The dog had to have stitches, ports put in, and take several antibiotics, all leading to a bill totaling more than $1,300.

Shortly after that attack, Minnie was still shaven and shaken up.

"It was very traumatic. She is a member of our family. We love her to death and we fell apart that night," said Gable.

Gable's neighbor refused to pay the bill, so Gable said she had no choice but to go to court.

"The first you do is file a complaint, call the police get a police report and the court takes it from there," she said.

Gable is glad she took those steps, but she is mostly just happy Minnie made it.

Local 10 reached out to the owner of the German Shepherd, but he never returned our phone calls. Gable was paid $200 up front in court and promised $200 every month until the $1,300 debt is paid off.

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