FIU debate team grades Obama, Romney performances

Cheesy, unsportsmanlike were two observations debate team made

MIAMI - During the first presidential debate between President Barak Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the debate team at Florida International University quietly studied every question, comment and visible condition.

"Very interesting non-verbal cues," one student said.

After watching President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, the Golden Panthers were ready to pounce.

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"I believe Obama was more confident in the beginning," one student said.

"Romney made a mistake," said another.

History has proven that every moment matters.

The first presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy proved, for example, the importance of image. Those who saw Nixon sweating thought he lost. Those who didn't thought Nixon won.

For President Obama, some say the defining moment Wednesday night may have been right off the top when he told a joke about it being his wedding anniversary.

"Kinda cheesey," one student said.

For Mitt Romney, his moment may have been interrupting the moderator over and over again.

"Not good, not very sportsmanlike," a student said.

At a university famed for its hurricane testing "wall of wind," the political over-the-air-spin was clearly tested on Thursday night. The grades from the students were about even.

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