Fix-A-Flat allegations 'a joke,' says suspected accomplice

Not guilty pleas entered in buttocks enhancement case

MIAMI - A man accused of posing as a doctor and giving toxic buttocks injections to patients and a man accused of being his accomplice entered not guilty pleas during an arraignment Monday morning. 

An alleged victim said Oneal Ron Morris injected her with a toxic cocktail that made her ill and caused her to be hospitalized and undergo several surgeries. Investigators said they found Fix-A-Flat, superglue, cement and mineral oil at Morris' illegal practice and alleged that they were used on his clients. 

Attorneys for Morris and Corey Eubanks, who is charged as an accomplice, entered pleas of not guilty. Morris chose not to appear in person at the arraignment. 

"Fix-A-Flat, cement? Please. It's a joke," Eubanks said. 

Eubanks said he was a client of Morris and had buttocks enhancements without complications. 

"I had a slight enhancement on my butt," Eubanks said. 

Eubanks said Morris did enhancements with mineral oil.

Eubanks said the alleged victim contacted him for Morris' information, and she blamed Eubanks, as well. 

"If you want to get yourself enhanced by someone that you know, that's your choice, and everybody's choice is a choice. They should be responsible for their choice," Eubanks said. 

"He received no financial remuneration for this. We think it's very unfair," said Eubanks' attorney, Jim Lewis. "We've heard all these rumors about Fix-A-Flat and cement injected into people's buttocks. That's not our information at all. We simply think it was mineral oil, which apparently has become a very common procedure."

"To my knowledge, the underground doctors never use Fix-A-Flat or cement," Eubanks sad.

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