Flight attendant's parody videos gain fame

Videos get flight attendant in trouble

MIAMI - A flight attendant's attempt at poking fun at his own company, American Airlines, may be getting him into some trouble with his bosses.

Gailen David, a Miami-based flight attendant, has garnered a big following with his Internet videos and the character he created.

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David's evil, drawling boss lady taps into the frustration of every put-upon corporate worker. In real life, David is one of those workers. He is a tenured flight attendant with American Airlines who is unsure of his future as the company reorganizes in bankruptcy.

"I don't want to inflict damage on the company to where it's going to hurt the workers and it's going to hurt the customers. But, I do want a lesson to be learned by management," David said.

David launched his alter-ego on sick leave from the company. He used to present for American Airlines at company meetings.

"I filtered myself constantly because I was trying to be what American Airlines corporate wanted me to be," David said.

In a statement to Local 10, American Airlines spokesman Bruce Hicks said, "We look forward to discussing these matters when he returns to work and is certified as ready to fly."

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