Florida Highway Patrol talks overloaded trucks

Enforcing the law on one of South Florida's biggest problems

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Photo: A truck in Hialeah, Florida overloaded with boxes.

SOUTH FLORIDA - Driving in South Florida can sometimes feel like an obstacle course. If you're not dealing with rush hour or road construction, you're probably trying to steer clear of debris fallen from overloaded cars and trucks.

Over the past few months Local 10 viewers have flooded our newsroom email account, share@local10.com , with photos of cars stacked with mattresses, stuffed trunks, and objects tied down to the hoods of vehicles.
The dangers may be obvious, but is loading up your car the next moving day against the law? Local 10's Carlos Suarez took your pictures to FHP. Troopers say in order to haul items on or in your car, those objects can't be sticking out of the sides or loose. Otherwise, it's perfectly legal. Yes, that includes those stacks of mattresses, as long as it's all securely tied down.

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