2 Florida Lottery players score $1 million top prizes

Two million-dollar winners from Florida Lottery's Fastest Road to $1,000,000 game were recently revealed. (Photos courtesy of Florida Lottery)

Two lucky lottery players are having a celebratory summer after their scratch-off tickets revealed $1 million scores.

Bobby Blake, of Grand Island, and Thomas Cook, who lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama, each won top prizes from Florida Lottery’s Fastest Road to $1,000,000 game.

The $30 ticket, launched in February 2020, offers the shot at 155 of those top prizes, lottery officials say.

Blake bought his at Wadhwa Inc., located at 3865 Highway 19A in Mount Dora.

Cook’s was purchased from Flora Bama Liquor, located at 17395 Perdido Key Drive in Pensacola.

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Both men decided to take the lump-sum payment option of $790,000.

The retailers who sold the winning tickets each get $2,000.


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