The top 5 places to go camping in Florida ranked

The No. 1 spot may surprise you

Tent on the beach. Credit: Ivan Rohovchenko via Unsplash. (Courtesy of Ivan Rohovchenko via Unsplash)

When most folks think of vacationing in Florida, visions of all-inclusive beach resorts and hotels near theme parks may come to mind. However, for those who love the great outdoors, fall is actually the perfect time to go camping in the Sunshine State thanks to a (slight) dip in temperature.

This why Holidu has released a list of most popular camping destinations in the state of Florida based on average monthly searches on Google, as well as the average amount of sun hours during fall in those cities.

The results?

Florida’s west coast is the most popular among campers, especially the Tampa Bay Area, which has a total of four of the top 10 cities to go camping in.

However, what is most surprising might be Florida’s top city to go camping in, which is none other than Key West.

According to their report, Key West has a camping score of “10,” which is due to the city amassing over 8,900 searches per month for camping. Plus, the city averages at least “11.5 sun hours per day.”

Following Key West on their list came Clearwater at No. 2, Naples at No. 3, Miami at No. 4, and Tampa at No. 5

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