Majestic manatee encounter caught on camera off Florida coast

A majestic encounter with a manatee is caught on video

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – A young surfer receives a memorable birthday gift off the coast of Fort Pierce.

Evan Blais was surfing off the coast of Fort Pierce inlet on Fourth of July weekend when he was approached by a group of manatees.

“I was kind of scared because of how big it was. But when it put its nose up on my board. I kind of got off of it. And then and then he put his flipper on my board. And I got off my board because it put his flipper on it. It was really cool, because I had never seen a manatee before. It’s gray, like an elephant and kind of dark. But it’s like bumpy and rough,” said Blais.

It was the first time the boy had ever seen a manatee and his dad captured the whole thing on camera.

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