New bill calls for owners to keep dogs from sticking their heads out of car windows in Florida

Dog out of car window (Pixabay)

A new bill would keep dogs from sticking their heads out of moving car windows in the state of Florida.

Florida Sen, Lauren Book (D-Broward) filed the bill, which would also make it illegal to have dogs on running board, fenders, hood or the roof of moving motor vehicles.

Senate Bill 932 would require dogs to be secured in a crate, be restrained with a safety harness or under the physical control of someone other than the driver in a moving motor vehicle on a public roadway.

Dog owners or drivers would be subject to a moving violation citation.

Cat owners would also have new rules to follow under the proposed bill.

It would make it illegal to declaw or partially declaw cats if it isn’t medically necessary for the cat.

Owners in violation would be fined $1,000 or be subject to being banned from owning an animal.

If the bill passes, it will take effect on Oct. 1.

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