New bills filed to prohibit restrictions on use of gas stoves in Florida

Gas stove (Provided by Consumer Reports)

New bills have been filed in the Florida House and Senate, which would protect gas stoves and other major appliances from being prohibited.

The bills, which are titled “Preemption Over Utility Service Restrictions,” have been filed as Fla. House Bill 1281 and Fla. Senate Bill 1256.

The Senate bill states in part, “a municipality, county, special district, or other political subdivision of the state may not enact or enforce a resolution, ordinance, rule, code, or policy or take any action that restricts or prohibits or has the effect of restricting or prohibiting the use of any major appliances, including a stove or grill…”

The House bill specifically states that use of natural gas cannot be prohibited.

St. Sen. Jay Collins, R-District 14 is the sponsor of SB 1256. St. Rep. James Buchanan, R-District 74, is the sponsor of HB 1281.

Recently, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to seek public input on gas stoves, but the White House has said that President Biden does not support banning them.

When Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled his 2023-2024 Florida budget plan, he specifically pointed out that there would be no tax on gas stoves.

“They want your gas stove and we are not going to let that happen,” DeSantis said later adding, “It’s just the principle. You know, this is ridiculous.”

If passed, the law would take effect on July 1.

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Steve Owen is the Assistant News Director at WPLG, and helps lead the daily news operations.