39.5 million passengers traveled through Miami International Airport last year

Airport officials say over one million more people traveled through their terminals in 2012 than the previous year

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MIAMI, Fla - Miami International Airport officials say a record number of people traveled through their terminals in 2012.

According to officials, 39.5 million passengers came through the airport last year. That's up more than 1.1 million passengers form 2011.

The number of international passengers grew 5.2 percent to 19.4 million travelers. The number of domestic passengers grew by 1 percent to 20.1 million.

More than 2.1 million tons of cargo also passed through the airport.

Airport officials say an expansion by American Airlines to 38 cities, including six new routes, helped boost passenger traffic. Five other international airlines also added service to Miami last year.

Brazil was the Miami airport's top international market in 2011. Airport officials say U.S. Department of Transportation data are expected to show continued growth there for 2012.


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