800 families receive food, personal care items

Families with vouchers receive food, personal care items at Overtown Youth Center

MIAMI - Feed the Children and PepsiCo brought two tractor trailers full of food to 800 families in Miami on Wednesday.

Volunteers delivered 25-pound boxes of food and 10-pound boxes of personal care items to families at the Overtown Youth Center.

The distribution was the latest stop for the Feed the Children's Americans Feeding Americans Caravan, which has helped more than 425,000 families across the county since 2009.

"It means Thanksgiving dinner. That's what it means," said one woman picking up her food.

"It's real important. There's so many families that are in need right now, especially in Miami-Dade County, and we're so fortunate we can be here today to feed over 800 families for a week," said Fred Gongola, one of the organizers.

According to Feed the Children, 45 percent of children in Miami live below the poverty line.

About 75 families were turned away because their church had already given away its vouchers for the food giveaway despite those families signing up Wednesday morning.

"Well, it could be a little more organized but they're doing the best they can and God bless them for it," said Linda Rios.

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