Airship with Romney ad makes emergency landing in Davie

Pilot didn't have time to return to Perry Airport

DAVIE, Fla. - An aircraft that advertises Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign made an emergency landing in Davie on Sunday, police said.

The pilot of a thermal airship that resembles a blimp landed in an open field south of Bamford Park in Davie when he realized he did not have time to return to Perry Airport.

Captain DaleĀ Engle of the Davie Police Department said the aircraft was in trouble because of high winds.

"He came down tail first and then the gondola struck and then rolled to its side and deflated," saidĀ Engle. "It may not be breezy here on the ground, but when you get [to] 1000 feet, which this thing does operate at, I think the current is a lot different," said Engle.

Davie resident Teri Balter told Local 10 she was surprised when she saw the airship looming below the tree lines.

"It was strange. I thought, 'Boy, Mitt Romney really wants us to vote for him,'" said Balter.

Sky 10 captured the blimp flying over South Florida last Friday. Romney's face is printed on the side of the airship along with the slogan, "America needs Romney."

This is not the first aviation emergency for the Romney campaign. Last month, a plane flying Ann Romney and campaign staff had to make an emergency landing when an electrical malfunction filled the plane with smoke.

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