Baby shot while in womb leaves hospital

Infant shot while in mother's womb released from hospital Tuesday

By Terrell Forney - Reporter

MIAMI - A newborn girl was released from hospital after surviving an injury that nearly claimed her life. A bullet pierced the baby's arm while still in the womb.

Doctors were forced to deliver the baby one month early but it hasn't stopped her from beating the odds.

"She is a miracle," said Carolyn Milton, the young girl's aunt. "It's just a blessing to have her here, to be able to hold her, because for a minute I didn't think she would be here."

Skyla Miracle Milton is the newborn girl's name. The infant's arm was wrapped in a small cast Wednesday because a bone shattered from the force of the bullet.

The shooting happened on the evening of December 10 outside of an Overtown area convenience store at NW 17th Street and 2nd Court in Miami.

Two people were hit, including a man who later died at the hospital, and Tiffany Davis, who was eight-months pregnant. Davis was shot in the head and stomach, where Skyla was still in the womb.

Both mom and baby survived.

"I can't make sense of it. It's not understandable to me," said Milton, who is now caring for the infant while Davis recovers.

Even though Davis was shot in the head, doctors don't believe she suffered any brain damage. The 26-year-old woman continues to make remarkable progress at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

However, she has yet to meet her new daughter who doctors delivered in the emergency room on the night of the shooting.

"She has normal conversations. She knows who I am. She just (doesn't) remember what happened, that's the only problem," added Milton. "She wants to hold her baby. She wants to see her."

Police believe Tiffany was just an innocent bystander.

The bullets aimed for someone else may have separated mom and daughter for awhile but a planned reunion is in the works. Tiffany still has a long road to recovery to regain her speech and other motor skills but will see her daughter soon.

As for Skyla, doctors say she has no permanent injuries from the shooting but will need to wear the arm cast for several more months. The infant, who was born premature, is healthy and was released from the hospital Tuesday.

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