Boy falls, lands on spiked fence

West Park boy recovering at hospital from 3 puncture wounds

WEST PARK, Fla. - A 10-year-old West Park boy is in critical condition after he fell from a tree and into a spiked fence on Tuesday.

Neighbors said the boy, identified by family as Angel Dotel, was playing with his brother near a mango tree at 44th Avenue and 19th Street.

After climbing on a branch, the boy fell onto a metal fence below, a Broward Sheriff's Office spokesperson said.

The owner of the property adjacent to the tree, Wayne Parrish, said he saw Dotel on the ground after the fall and called 911. He and his friend, Prince Moore, ran to the boy.

"I heard him holler and we basically -- we ran over here and we seen him bleeding and we, you know, tried to stop the blood," said Parrish.

"That iron fence went right into him," said Moore. "It was deep."

According to paramedics, who arrived minutes later, Moore had removed his own shirt and tied it around the boy's torso, applying pressure to help stop the bleeding.

"It saved his life," said Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Lieutenant Scott Pollard.

Dotel suffered three puncture wounds where he landed on the fence. Pollard said he also suffered a cut on his face.

Patricia Incarnation, Dotel's older sister, said the family is hopeful he will make a full recovery.

Dotel remains at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood.

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