Boy who fell on fence talks

Angel Dotel recovering after being impaled by metal fence

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - A 10-year-old boy who fell from a mango tree and onto a spiked fence talked about his recovery at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital on Thursday.

Angel Dotel said he felt good and wasn't in pain.

"He's been talking to me all day," said Miguel Dotel, his father. "He doesn't even remember what happened."

"Angel is doing fantastic," said Dr. Kristina Deeter. "He had a crazy fall, a critical fall. The spikes could have hit anything and they hit areas [where] he was able to survive the injuries."

Dotel suffered cuts to his face and three wounds to his chest and abdomen. He was playing with his brother outside his home at 44th Avenue and 19th Street in West Park on Tuesday evening when he climbed a tree and fell from a broken branch.

"The funny thing is -- in the house, it's a lot of mangos. We buy a lot of that stuff," said Miguel Dotel. "They don't want that kind of mangos. They want the ones in the tree."

The boy's father talked about receiving the call about his son's fall while he was at work.

"'Wow, what happened to my kid?' and I started crying," he said. "In the moment, I was very scared."

Two neighbors saw Dotel and rushed to help him.

"I heard him hollering and we basically ran over here and we seen him bleeding and we tried to stop the blood," said Wayne Parrish, the owner of the property adjacent to the tree.

"What he did that day is amazing," said Miguel Dotel. "I don't know how to thank this guy."

The boy's father said his sister recently died and his mother died two months later.

"That's one of the reasons I started crying because, wow, so many things happened to me, all together, back to back," said Miguel Dotel. "But thank God everything [is] coming out right."

Doctors expect Dotel to make a full recovery. He's expected to remain in the hospital for about a week.

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