Local travelers voice their concerns following Malaysia Airline crash

Most say the deadly crash would not affect their future travel plans

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Although it was business as usual at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Thursday, all travelers could talk about was the Malaysia plane that was downed over Ukraine. The crash weighed heavy especially on frequent and international passengers.

"With these things going on nowadays, yes it does fire something inside you to not fly anymore," said Nicole Gestri, a worried traveler. "Because you are not safe anymore, you don't feel safe."

While the war-torn region seems a world away, many told Local 10's Todd Tongen the thought of a commercial jetliner allegedly being shot down was disturbing, and a route like Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur is between two major cities.

Many said it could affect where and what airplane they fly in the future.

"Nearly everywhere you want to go to, you have to fly," said Francine Gano, a traveler who said she would not fly in the Ukraine region.

"Would it make you change your travel plans?" asked Tongen.

"No, never. But I would not go to those places," said Gano.

While many were concerned, others tried to take a more rational approach on the dangers of modern day transportation.

"It makes you think," said Dag Erikson, a frequent traveler. "But then again, you have to put things in perspective. With 25 or 26,000 flights a day taking off, you probably have a better chance getting hurt on I-95."

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