Parents upset over 3 charter school closures

Touchdowns4Life Charter School, Eagle Charter Academy, SMART Charter School all close

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - Three charter schools in Broward County have shut their doors.

Touchdowns4Life Charter School in Tamarac, Eagle Charter Academy in Lauderdale Lakes, and SMART Charter School in Lauderdale Lakes have all closed, said Broward County Public Schools officials.

This week, all three schools voted to terminate their charter contract with the Broward County School Board.

On Wednesday, the management company of Eagle Charter Academy and SMART Charter School sent letters to parents saying both privately run but publicly funded schools would close Friday.

"I'm quite sure management knew they were going to close down but giving us two days notice, that's very unacceptable," said Shekeila Linsey.

School administrators referred comment to CEO Ed Miller, who didn't return calls to Local 10. His letter to parents blamed low enrollment for the sudden closures.

"Would you have been okay with that if there had been more notice?" asked Local 10's Roger Lohse.

"Absolutely, I wouldn't have started the school year here," said Bridgett Prinous. "I would have been looking over the summer."

"I don't like it because I built a family here and I have a lot of friends that I'm going to miss," said Janeace Hamilton.

About 400 students between grades 6 through 12 are affected. Broward Public School schools administrators said parents are welcome to enroll their children at their home public school where there's larger class sizes and a standard curriculum. Students looking for their district's "home" school can find it here.

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