South Floridians react to Obama's proposals

MIAMI - Not all South Floridians are happy with President Barack Obama's gun control proposals.

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Adrian Alexandrino, a military veteran who teaches concealed weapons courses, said several stores were empty Wednesday.

"Walmart and the shelves are empty. Bass Pro Shops - the shelves are empty," said Alexandrino.

Alexandrino believes something must be done to stop gun violence but wants the government to target criminals.

"He talked about 900 people being killed in the last 33 days. He didn't mention that a third of those are in his hometown of Chicago. Chicago, the state of Illinois, has some of the most strict gun laws in this country," he said.

City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado is on a taskforce of mayors who want stricter gun laws.

"I have four grandchildren, two of them in elementary school, and whenever you are driving and listen to the radio 'There has been an incident in the school,' you get scared," said Regalado.

The Miami Police Department recently announced it would hold three gun buy backs.

Below are documents released by the White House details the President's announced gun policy.

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