Y-Fit brings fun to physical education

YMCA of Broward County offers new fitness program

MIAMI - The YMCA of Broward County is bringing back the fun of physical education with a new program called Y-Fit.

"Schools these days are losing their PE program, so we really wanted to amp up what they were getting when they were with us in the after school program," said Crystal Lockwood, the Director of Youth Health.

So far, 40 schools, including Hollywood Park Elementary, are taking advantage of the Y-Fit program.

"They get an option and the parents get an option to actually sign up for this at the schools where it's offered," said Maryalicia Johnson, a spokeswoman for the YMCA. "It's been very popular."

The children get an hour long workout that has been carefully planned to help build specific skills.

"From basic communicating with each other from kicking, passing, dribbling with their feet, getting into those games," said Lockwood.

It's not typical physical education, and the kids enjoy it.

"It's very fun for your fitness," said Lilli-Ann, a 5th grader.

"We work as a team," said Ryan, a 3rd grader.

"It's just fun and we don't feel like nobody's been left out and it's just a group," said Jasmine.

"A lot of our goal is to disguise fitness. We want kids to love what they are doing because if they love physical activity now, they are going to take that with them for the rest of their life," said Lockwood. "So if we can take all those skills that we want them to know and put it in a game, it just makes it that much more fun."

Currently, only the YMCA of Broward offers the program. The YMCA of Greater Miami hopes to add it soon.

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