Auto shop supports 'green' environment

Only 'green' certified auto repair center in Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A Fort Lauderdale auto repair shop is truly unique. Eco-Friendly Auto Center is the only shop certified "green" in the State of Florida. Workers at Eco-Friendly Auto Center recycle just about everything and use fully sustainable motor oils.

Oil changes at Eco-Friendly Auto Repair are done using G-Oil, a bio-degradable oil approved by the American Petroleum Institute, and good for the environment.

That's good news for Nicole Bennett, who brought her mom's Saturn in for service.

"I was actually very excited that my mother was coming here," Bennett said.

Sully Dawson opened the shop two years ago and stresses reusing, reducing and recycling.

"I feel that every little bit that we can do to help our environment, is a good thing," Dawson said. "All the services that we offer here are the same or a little bit less than my competitors down the street and we are helping the environment."

All used motor oil is collected, sent out to be re-refined and returned to the shop to be used again.

"It takes 85 percent less energy to re-refine oil than it does virgin oil out of the ground," Dawson said.

Eco-Friendly also recycles other used fluids, metals and plastics. They also take in batteries and tires for proper disposal.

"You can't look like everybody else in business. It's nice knowing that my little niche is helping our environment," Dawson said.

Bennett agreed.

"It's nice to go to a place where bad chemicals are being disposed of properly," she said.

Dawson is a former U.S. Marine and learned the importance of recycling in the military. He has gotten calls from other repair shops throughout the country asking about how they can be greener too.

"I'm not really a tree hugger, but doing something right is doing something right," he said.

Dawson said some customers drive 60 miles to get an eco-oil change. He is amazed and glad customers go to such great lengths to help the environment.

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