FPL electrical, cable lines tangled in trees behind Fort Lauderdale home

Dustin and Katie Flynt scared for their safety

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - For Dustin and Katie Flynt, strong storms sometimes spark what looks like a fireworks display in their back yard.

The Fort Lauderdale residents said the tangle of electrical and cable lines in the trees behind their house has caused problems since they moved in three years ago.

The family said that wires have sparked several times.

On Wednesday, home video captured the latest time there was a light show behind their house.

"It's loud. It can definitely wake us up," Dustin said.

"When he's home, I'm kind of okay. But when it happens when I'm by myself, I freak out," said Katie.

The Flynt's shed, in which they store paint, gasoline, and other flammable liquids, is located below the lines. Dustin said he removed the gasoline from the cans.

"It could have just lit up the house; could have burned the house down… and me, my two-year-old, and pregnant wife," Flynt said.

The Flynts said they have called Florida Power and Light numerous times and have received conflicting advice. Dustin said one supervisor told him he was responsible for trimming the trees himself, which likely fall within his property line. Cable and electrical lines are threaded through the limbs.

"I'm not getting near that," he said.

On Friday, a spokesperson for FPl said the company was looking into the Flynt's concerns.

A crew from FPL and Asplundh, the vegetation management company contracted by FPL, came to the Flynt's house to investigate.

Another crew is expected to come to the house on Monday.

"I'd like it to be fixed. I don't want this to keep happening," Katie said.

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