Pembroke Pines woman accused of abusing her pet Chihuahua

Dog, who had large gashes across his side, placed in new home

By Tim Swift - Digital Editor

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A Pembroke Pines woman is facing animal abuse charges after a neighbor noticed that her seriously injured dog had been chained up and left outside in the hot sun, police said.

Jenniemae Mathurin, 55, of Pembroke Pines, was arrested in March after a months-long investigation by the Pembroke Pines Police Department.. The male Chihuahua, named Shadow, was taken from Mathurin after his injuries were reported and has been adopted by a new owner, police said.

According the arrest report, Tina Kilci noticed an injured dog was chained to a fence without water on Sept. 21. Shadow had large cuts across his side and the wounds had a foul odor, Kilci said. Concerned for the dog's safety, Kilci freed Shadow and took him to Silver Lakes Animal Hospital.

"His skin was like hard leather, kinda like an elephants skin or a pig and looked dehydrated," Kilci said. "His body harness looked like it was imbedded under the top of his legs."

Dr. Robin Kuhn, a veterinarian at the hospital, treated Shadow and found that the dog's injuries were likely caused by being chained to a harness for long periods of time. Kuhn said parts of Shadow's harness had become embedded in his skin. The wounds had become infected, and Shadow's fur and skin were poor condition from being left in the sun, Kuhn said. 

Jenniemae Mathurin

Based on the dog's injuries, Kuhn believed that Shadow had been left unattended for several days, possibly weeks. Shadow had surgery to treat his injuries and has fully recovered. The more than $1,000 in medical costs were paid for by Milo's Dog Rescue. 

Mathurin told police that Shadow had urinated in the house and that was why the dog was kept outside. She told police that Shadow was not injured when she tied him up on the morning of Sept. 21.

"Owning an animal comes with the responsibility to shelter, feed, and care for them," Pembroke Pines police said in a statement about the case. "If you are unable to meet this responsibility, do the right thing and find a pet owner or animal rescue who will."

Kilci now wants to support Milo's Dog Rescue with an online fundraiser to repay the group for their kindness. Kilci said Shadow is doing well and lives with a woman who works at a pet day care, and the dog accompanies his new owner to work

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