Sold driving tests outrage Fla. lawmaker

Hidden camera investigation shows driving instructions selling questions, answers

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MIAMI - A state lawmaker was outraged after Local 10 uncovered people selling state driving test questions and answers outside several DMV offices in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Local 10 hidden cameras caught state licensed driving instructors selling the questions and answers to the state driver's license exam.

The state says it's legal..

But Fla. Rep. Irving Slosberg says the rules need to be changed.

"You have sales people taking over the DMV," he said.

We found licensed driving instructors, working for private companies, claiming to have the exact questions and answers to the written exam.

And for $30, the information was ours.

"The same way it reads here is the way it reads on the computer," an instructor named Harold told a Local 10 producer.

Harold told the producer he receives the answers from someone inside the office.

Another instructor guaranteed us that these were the answers, and all we needed to do was look them over for a half hour and take the test.

Local 10 bought 106 answers and were told 20 would be on the test.

Local 10 spotted several people buying and only studying the answers outside the Pembroke Pines office.

They admitted, off camera, to never reading the 62 page Florida Driver's License Handbook that has all the rules of the road.

They also told us they passed thanks to those answers they bought.

"If they study the answers, they are only memorizing, and if they memorizing, they will forget it in a little while. Its dangerous," said Slosberg

A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says the instructors aren't breaking any current rules.

"We have to change some of the rules. But that takes a little time. It doesn't change overnight but I will actively get involved in changing some of the rules," added Slosberg.

"This is an industry that is lacking a lot of regulation at this time," said Jose Rada, Executive Director of the Broward-Dade Safety Council.

Rada runs the non-profit that teaches 1,000 drivers a year the rules of the road.

"We teach what the whole concept of driving is. It is cheating," he added.

Local 10 also discovered, because of a lawsuit with the vendor, the printed version 2012 Florida Driver's Handbooks aren't available at many DMV locations.

It is available online, but many we asked say they don't have access to a computer and can't print 60 pages to study.

"You can't study if you don't have a hand book. The last thing you wanna hear is you have to study online," added Solsberg.

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