Charlie Crist considering reelection run

Crist considering running against Florida Gov. Rick Scott

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Charlie Crist is considering running for reelection against Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Crist spoke at an annual awards luncheon for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Friday, drawing sharp contrasts between himself and Scott.

"One constant ought to be that we always appreciate our hard-working teachers," said Crist. "That is not an issue that should wax and wane. We shouldn't say one year, we don't value you and another year, we might.

Scott signed a merit pay bill for teachers, which Crist had previously vetoed.

"When other Americans holding policy-making positions want to make it more difficult for you and your family or maybe your mother to be able to exercise that precious right to vote and pick our leaders, whether its president or any other office, that's unconscionable," said Crist, seemingly referring to Scott refusal to extend early voting hours in November.

"Maybe people think that you are in the process of running for another term of governor as a Democrat. Are you?" Local 10's Michael Putney asked Crist.

"I don't know. I'm thinking about it -- there's no question, but I haven't reached a conclusion yet," answered Crist.

"And when will you?" said Putney.

"I don't know. There's no timetable," said Crist.

"It sounds like and he's performing like he's running for reelection," said Florida State Senator Eleanor Sobel.

"I think if Charlie Crist was the nominee, he would win Broward County overwhelmingly," said Mitch Cesar, the chairman of the Broward Democratic Party.

"I think right now Charlie -- it's the right time," said former Florida attorney general Bob Butterworth. "It's the right time to be a centralist. It's the right time to get both parties together and he's the one that can do it."

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