Commissioner brings gifts to girl who went missing

Keon Hardemon drops off gifts for girl reported missing, found 2 days later

By Liane Morejon - Reporter , Ben Candea

MIAMI - A Miami commissioner delivered toys to a 4-year-old girl who returned home earlier this week after she was reported missing.

Keon Hardemon on Thursday dropped off several bags of toys and dolls donated by local corporations for the girl and her older sister.

"This family has been through a lot of different things," he said. "Even if the child doesn't understand the severity of what happened, the family does."

The girl was reported missing last Friday. Two days later, a driver saw her walking with a man near the girl's home in the city's Little Haiti neighborhood.

When the driver and a neighbor confronted him, he ran off.

"Thank you so much because you help me to try to find Shaniya," said her father, Joseph Jacques-Louis.

Hardemon said the girl was wary at first.

"I think young ladies should always be cautious of men that are bringing them gifts," he said. "Once she saw that it was okay, once she saw that she had gifts and she was with her family and it was safe, she accepted those gifts, so that's great."

On Wednesday morning, officers passed out flyers in the neighborhood as they continued to look for two persons of interest in the case. Police previously released sketches of a man (left) seen in the neighborhood when she was reported missing and the man (right) she was seen with Sunday morning.

Anyone with information on the men is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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